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Today reading and studying scriptures helps build our faith. Recounted his own testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and how it came as a young man of 11. We can improve on helping our youth obtaining a testimony through the spirit. Disagreement would remain until new Apostles came and taught correct principles.

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DKL has a Sunday morning thread over at Mormon Mentality. Andersen, Presidency Quorum of the Seventy Related a story by President Hinckley of a soldier who would return home a Mormon despite strong family opposition and career road blocks.

Finally, Russell over at Times and Seasons has also opened up a thread. Faust, Second Counselor First Presidency Healing power of forgiveness. The 32 year old “quite” milkman lost his reason and control.

It is a miracle it contains the Spirit of Christ which teaches us all to know God and know his dealings with men. Righteous persons inspired to write and record what they wrote in the Bible.

Gun control won't work-that'll just take away gun from people who weren't going to do anything. No one wants to be turned down, but it happens to all of us. Our LDS volunteer handed me a paper that neatly summarizes some major doctrinal differences between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other Christian churches.

Quoted from Bible 200 times in the last General Conference. Our understanding comes directly from God who appeared to Joseph Smith. One of our doctrines is belief in God the Eternal Father, a real and individual being. He cannot deny this because of his own experiences.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you. The Book of Mormon does not mean we are not Christian. Church members believe that all scripture is given by God’s inspiration and is profitable. The more we read and study the Bible the more we see the underpinnings of the restoration. It is the second testament The Book of Mormon is the Third Testament of Christ and his mission. Those who think do not believe in Christ or the Bible, should take time to understand the Church, the significance of its name. He is grateful that we don’t rely on man made statements regarding deity. The prophet Joseph’s family benefitted from the reformation and having the Bible. He felt a witness of the spirit upon finally reading the Joseph Smith story. What he felt at age 11 was more powerful than what he normally felt or had felt before. Because of the reformers the Bible became a household possession. Some are known only to God; but are recorded in heaven. He loves the perspective and peace that comes from reading the Bible. The Book of Mormon supports the Bible and does not replace it. The New Testament records Christ’s birth, ministry and resurrection. Personally he can’t understand it because it is confusing. Families restricting Internet and media access into the home are some. Matsumori Second Counselor Primary Presidency Loves the Book of Mormon. Without the Bible we would not know of Christ’s Church then or of its organization. (this whole talk, I think, is a direct reference to the recent evangelical anti-Mormon crusade with their DVD’s) The Old Testament is the first testament of Jesus Christ.If we can forgive those who have caused us hurt and injury, we will rise. The Atonement will bring a measure of peace and comfort. The milkman’s family released a statement about their gratitude for the Amish forgiveness. They see themselves as disciples of Christ, and want to follow him. Some refer to first marriage as a starter marriage. Members who have experienced such abuse have experienced that which is worse than divorce. Parents in single parent home after divorce have greater likelihood of drug use, immorality and the like. We should do all within out power to preserve our marriage. There will be times when one spouse falls short and the other will feel pain.

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