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Asked whether he got to meet Myers backstage, Hioki admitted, “I didn’t know it was him.” An act wins the The Gong Show by getting the highest cumulative score from judges. actress Wendy Anne Mc Lendon-Covey gave the band a 10 – as did Mc Hale.

Fellow judge Priyanka Chopra, who’d been rewarding bogus performers with 10s all episode, lowballed Peelander-Z with a seven, which caused them to narrowly lose the grand prize, a whopping ,000.17, to a couple of children with a Trump & Pence impression routine.

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Per tradition, dating back to the original Gong Show in the Seventies, any judge striking the gong means the contestants are through.

“I was a little scared,” Hioki admitted via phone last night.

Ansari issued a firm denial, saying everything that happened that evening was consensual.

'We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual,' Ansari said in a statement to Variety.'The next day, I got a text from her saying that although "it may have seemed okay," upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable.

Comedian Joel Mc Hale is not bothered by rumors that he is gay. The "Community" star sat down with the Advocate to talk about the fourth season of his NBC show.

He previously told the magazine that people think he is gay because he is so well-dressed (you will usually see him in suits and button downs), but he doesn't take the assumptions as criticisms. The "Soup" host isn't the only the straight, male celeb to reveal his same-sex crush recently.

"Oh, I still see that on Twitter every day," Mc Hale said regarding the gay rumors. I always find it really weird when guys flip out over someone thinking they might be gay. Last month, Channing Tatum joked about his love for George Clooney, jokingly saying he wants have sex with him.

If a guy gets offended by that, there’s something’s wrong with him.

After a date in New York, the unidentified woman claimed Ansari performed oral sex on her and then asked her to reciprocate, which she did.

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