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The Theosophical Society met in Great Russell Street and the Swedenborg Society was opposite Bloomsbury Square. Seven Dials marks the congregation of astrologers in the seventh century.

The Templars went underground and some found refuge in Scotland where Freemasonary is connected with the Templars.

It is believed that the Templars were far more than warrior monks.

Long before they were shut down, contempories talked about their mystical connections.

One German writer, Wofram von Eschenbach wrote in the 1200s that the Holy Grail was guarded by the Templars.

This great object stood by the Nile for fifteen hundred years. Several writers have talked of the Egyptian sacred connection thinking that the Thames was formed from two rivers known as Thames and Isis which became a river known to the Romans as Thamesis.

Tower Hill It is said that the head of the mythical giant Bran was carried along the Thames to Tower Hill and it deterred the Irish invaders and spoke prophecies about the destiny of England.

British Library The British Library is only open to serious researchers but there are a variety of manuscripts associated with Dr John Dee and other astrologiers including Dee’s Epiloismus calculis diumus planetarium tum longitudinous from the late 16th Century.

Needle It is fitting that beside a sacred river which has echoes of the sacred Nile, stands an Egyptian obelisk.

The Templar knowledge was, it is said, responsible for the Rosslyn Chapel which is rich in hermetic and secret esoteric symbolism.

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