Should christians use dating services

Like opinions of Taylor Swift, everyone has a stance they take on Tinder.

They are either the biggest fan, think it is single handedly destroying all things good, or they are embarrassed by it but secretly love it.

Whether in real life or online, always remember that talk is cheap.

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With that in mind, always use caution and discernment by meeting in public places or in groups of friends for the first series of face-to-face interactions.

As with anything in life, it’s not necessarily what we do- but HOW we do it that is a measure of our intimacy and relationship with God.

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Just the mention of this new dating app causes faces to blush, heads to turn, and judgments to be handed down.

If you’re going to enter the world of online dating- always leave your genuineness and honesty fully intact. Bring wisdom: The second most important thing to honesty, is the idea of wisdom.

When it comes to online dating, always be a skeptic.

From your physical attributes to your description of yourself-you can custom design who you are.

If you’re going to use the internet as a way to meet others and put yourself out there- do yourself the favor of being honest.

So let go of your apprehension about “not waiting on God” if that’s your hang up.

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