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Cabin was a critical and commercial success, and Kranz's portrayal of Marty, an unexpectedly perceptive stoner, was singled out by fans and critics alike.

King's sprawling eight-novel saga charts gunslinger Roland Deschain (Elba) and protégé Jake Chambers' (Taylor) quest to locate the titular tower, a central point in the universe, before dark forces (including Mc Conaughey's villain Walter Padick, AKA Randall Flagg) invade and destroy it, wiping out reality.

Kranz will play Pimli Prentiss, transported to the world of The Dark Tower from our own to be a henchman for the evil Crimson King.

Originally scheduled for release in February 2010, Cabin was bogged down by delays due to interest in converting the film into 3D and MGM, its studio, declaring bankruptcy.

Cabin was eventually sold to Lion's Gate Entertainment, reaching cinemas in April of 2012 -- more than two years after its initial release date.

First scene: two guys, weird office workers, talking in the lounge. It kind of continues to one-up itself, so at the end your jaw is on the floor. Even a good review is not good for your performance. But he still reads them because they are on his mind. The truth is, even a bad review is gone after a few days. Then I can say, "Phil and I…" [Laughs.] Plus, with a film like this, fan reaction might be more important than critical reactions.

I don't believe it's a twist or a secret, I just think it's a wonderful ride. This might sound cheesy, but the fans are where your work comes from. When you first saw the finished film, what did you think? I was with Bradley Whitford in a Lionsgate screening room. But he was just sitting there eating his lunch, just watching the movie.

If the name's unfamiliar, he's a favourite of Joss Whedon, with credits in .

Nikolaj Arcel is directing the film, which previously had J. Abrams and Ron Howard in the chair (Howard is now producing).

The romantic comedy, written and directed by Anton King, was funded by Kickstarter donations and is currently in post-production.

Kranz's most recent credit is Much Ado About Nothing, a modern retelling of Shakespeare's classic, written and directed by Whedon.

The up-and-coming actor was co-starring on "Dollhouse" in the polarizing role of Topher and seemed to be on the verge of a breakout, something a role like Marty would only help facilitate. The film became an unfortunate casualty of studio financial trouble when MGM filed for Chapter 11 on Nov. Three years later, Kranz's breakout performance has finally arrived, perhaps at the perfect time. So I think it started as one thing and now it's this movie that people are asking about.

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