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Jasmine and Ronnie have not given any news about their marriage. Jasmine, who is deeply in love with Ronnie revealed about her pregnancy in Jasmine and Ronnie, excited to become parents revealed about their baby's gender and her name.

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The 24-year-old musician revealed that she’s been on her own with her music for a while now.

“I have a few songs under my belt that I’ve already recorded for my project.waiting for my producers to come back into town after their time away for the holidays,” she writes.

At the age of 16, she was then signed to Sony Music.

She made an appearance in Justin Bieber's music video for his hit single "Baby".

While Jasmine hasn't seen the baby in person yet, her sweet bf showed her a video of the little girl which immediately caused her to cry. What a sweet anecdote and wonderful post Valentine's Day present. Check out these two sweet videos of the baby and delivery room anxiousness (below)!

Jasmine V has taken to social media to explain to fans just why there hasn’t been as much new music lately from her as they expected.

The singer went to the hospital last night, and her boyfriend has been right by her...

Jasmine Villegas and her boyfriend Ronnie Banks are super excited about their bundle of joy coming into the world and have been keeping fans updated every step of the pregnancy. Jasmine Villegas is due to give birth to her baby girl on February 24th, and she's celebrating her daughter's impending arrival with some brand new baby bump pics! Jasmine Villegas and Ronnie Bank are having a baby together, and they're ready to start their whole new life together!

Jasmine adds, “As y’all know, music is my passion, but unfortunately after I had my daughter everyone that ‘had my back’ disappeared…except for the people u seen in my life today.” “So music is def something I’m going to keep pursuing BUT a lot of y’all have to understand that it’s just me.

No label, no manager, just ME.” We love Jasmine (and her cute patootee daughter Ameera), so if we have to wait a little bit longer because it’s only her, we can do it.

The couple has been together for a while, and the 19-year-old web star decided to pop the question...

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