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I’ve been to an Al-Anon meeting but it’s not enough.Often, finance, children and other circumstances prevent any simple solutions.

It all began shortly after a car accident that lead to a prolonged absence from work.

I supposed at that time the boredom of being home for over 2 years is what may have started her drinking during daytimes hours every couple days followed by more frequent daily full on drinking.

Each of these books reveal the world as it is—not as we wish it would be.

Consequently, wounded, hurting people will readily identify with each of these stories. I used to think of three beers as priming the pump before I started on Jack Daniels.

As such, his story points to the need for recovery—to the need for recovering people to work the is the story of two of my other friends—both of whom have been involved in ministry for most of their lives.

It’s an ALANON story and a tale that’s unforgettable.

Question: I cannot bear my wife’s alcoholism any longer. I’m continually moved by the vivid descriptions of the carnage that addiction causes, and the impossible “you choose, you lose” dilemmas faced by exhausted, isolated partners.

Most of my friends tell me to leave her, and my family tells me to stick it out. Note: I first wrote this answer as a way to talk about methods to approach tough dilemmas, and since that time it has grown into the forum you see now.

This is a long-term strategy, which will also be used when my other three books—It’s the lynchpin to recovery from religious abuse, which makes it a product, which will never be out of date.

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