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You may recall we did an earlier article on Fotolog in Secrets to Fotolog's Scaling Success, which was one of my personal favorites.

To meet those requirements they've developed a sophisticated approach to using memcached that others can learn from and emulate.

We'll cover some of the highlightable strategies from the webinar down below the fold.

The first part of the first webinar gives a good overview of memcached.

Just in case the rock you've been hiding under recently disintegrated, you may not have heard about memcached (as if). Memcached essentially creates an in-memory shard on top of a pool of servers from which an application can easily get and set up to 1MB of unstructured data.

The primero recommendation for speeding up a website is almost always to add cache and more cache.

And after that add a little more cache just in case.Additionally you always still have the option of throwing Memached on top of your extra partitioned system.One factor that turns this into a "it depends" scenario is when assuming the pattern of the access to your database works well with the way you partitioned the system.If you've never used memcached before there's a lot of good stuff presented.There's a little embrace and extend in the webinar as My SQL cluster is presented several times as doing much the same job as memcached, but more reliably.It's simple server for storing and getting data, the complex bits must be implemented by applications.

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