Affects of teenage dating violence

The National Institute of Health reports that women who experience domestic violence during pregnancy are significantly less attached to their infants postpartum.Those infants are much more likely to display a difficult and distressed temperament.Teen dating violence has similar effects to witnessing violence in the home.

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These events may include cruel acts such as being shot, raped, stabbed, or beaten.

Most of the attention from media and research is on community violence that involves adults.

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Domestic violence is especially dangerous, because although it is incredibly prevalent locally and globally, it is often kept quiet and ignored.

Teenagers exposed to domestic violence often fail to form affectionate and trustworthy relationships with their parents, and end up plagued with feelings of isolation, helplessness, and doubt of self-worth.

These problems also affect the adolescents’ cognitive development and maturation, which can hurt their ability to succeed in school and form healthy social relationships.

However, many children and teens face violence in their neighborhoods and schools. Many people think that community violence only happens in gangs and inner cities.

It is true that people who are poor, non-White, and living in crowded inner-city areas deal with a lot of violence.

Studies show that in many cases children who live in violent households fall victim to abuse.

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