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The information collated by the team also helps inform surfers of potential hazardous weather conditions and other risk factors that may affect not only the quality of their surfing experience, but their safety as well.

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In the span of a few hours, a thoroughly enjoyable romp on the waves may turn into a life-threatening scenario when the weather sours.

Other days may also gift you with wave after impressive wave, only to present you with a totally flat glasslike lake the next day.

By analyzing surf and weather conditions and extrapolating data into useful surf information, the Swellmagnet team helps ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for anyone who wishes to check out what the local Sunset Point surfing scene has to offer.

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Like most surfing hotspots around the world, Sunset Point can be a bit fickle when it comes to wave and weather conditions.

The weather can change at the drop of a hat, influencing both the quality of the waves and the physical conditions of the immediate environment.Parents need to know that - Live Video Streaming App! is a tool for broadcasting live-streaming videos and watching others' videos.The terms of use specify that users be at least 18 or have parental permission to use the tool, but tweens and young teens are broadcasting.We provide coverage of beaches and surf breaks in California and Hawaii, or for some international flavor, our cams are in El Salvador and Costa Rica, too.Peek in on surf using our HD streaming service at the world-famous Huntington Beach pier, or head north on the California coast to Capitola Beach.Swell Magnet makes it easy to keep tabs on your favorite surfing spots!

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