Intimidating a witness mass

The findings of those microscopes are virtually irrefutable, except by a scientific establishment that refuses to look through them, in a situation that recalls Galileos detractors refusing to look through his telescope to see Jupiters moons.

The dynamic first noted by Bchamp and further developed by his professional descendants begins with the understanding that multicellular life forms are made possible by specialization.

However, there is persuasive evidence that Pasteurs germ theory is a flawed plagiarism of his contemporary, Antoine Bchamp.

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No civilization ever was energetically sustainable, including today's industrialized world, which is using its primary energy source a million times faster than it was created.

There are striking similarities between the prevailing dynamic for how ecosystems and civilizations have collapsed and a compelling alternative dynamic for how the human body succumbs to degenerative disease.

When a hungry urban specialist returned to the countryside for greater food security, the city lost some of its collective skill.

When the trickle of exiting specialists became a flood, often taking with them anything that they could carry, and the urban environments began collapsing.

Those dynamics can help illuminate the path to free energy.

Louis Pasteurs germ theory of disease is a cornerstone of modern biology and medicine.

When life was unicellular, each cell did it all: acquiring energy and other nutrients, maintaining its metabolism, expelling waste, and living. When those specialized cells receive proper nutrition (most nutrition is energy) they perform their specialized task.

However, as Gaston Naessens documented long ago, when cells do not receive proper nutrition, they begin losing their specialization.

By Wade Frazier Revised July 2014 Introduction Todays Dominant Ideologies are Scarcity-Based Why Ecosystems and Civilizations Collapse, and Why Organisms Self-Destruct Conspiracism and Structuralism Symptoms and Causes, Palliatives and Cures Potholes on the Road to Free Energy and Abundance, and How to Avoid Them The Coming Paradigms Developing a Comprehensive, Abundance-Based Perspective An Epilogue - Peeling the Free Energy Onion Footnotes This essay was inspired by many years of interaction with the public, friends, allies and critics on the issues of free energy, healing the planet and attempts to communicate the idea of an abundance-based paradigm.

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