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Call me old-fashioned, but I tend to think of people with penises as men.’Any reasonable person could see Mc Ewan wasn’t seeking to denigrate men and women who feel trapped in the wrong body.He was merely expressing a view that — in biological terms — a penis is a strong indicator of being a man.Town halls, education authorities and even some nurseries seem to be in thrall to the gender thought police.

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The gender may also vary at random or vary in response to different circumstances’.

Facebook offers 56 varieties of gender category to choose from on your profile, including ‘gender fluid’, ‘androsexual’ and ‘demisexual’ (when you are only sexually attracted to someone if there is an emotional connection).

She says MPs should not forget their responsibility to ‘protect women from male violence in gender neutral environments’.

In other words, in places where, thanks to enlightened new thinking, women might find themselves sharing a toilet area, for example, with a man.

The British Medical Association, long hijacked by Left-wing militants, has joined the bandwagon, announcing pregnant women should not be called expectant ‘mothers’ in case it offends transgender people. The answer lies in the fact that in the past 20 years, gay people have become more mainstream, with civil partnerships and gay weddings widely accepted.

Instead, they should call them ‘pregnant people’ so as not to ‘upset intersex and transgender men’. Not everyone, though, was content to let gays like me — who came out in the Eighties and fought for equality — enjoy our new-found freedoms.

Last year, Parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee estimated 650,000 British people are ‘likely to be gender incongruent to some degree’.

Gender incongruent people, a (modern) dictionary will tell you, are convinced their true gender is different from the one indicated by their body, or the one that has been ‘assigned’ to them as babies.

A woman joined the world famous Red Arrows display team in 2009.

And two years later the first female crew took the controls of a Typhoon combat jet.

‘A’ can mean asexual (feeling no desire for either gender) or androsexual — primarily attracted to men.

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