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Once a child has no shame there is no telling how low he will fall. There is of course no way for anyone to condone this behavior. Klein opens our eyes to humiliating scenes that once would have remained like garbage, left strewn on the bus. But my question to you is this: In an age where bullying has been widely discussed, school programs implemented, front page news stories written, what makes this story stand out?

Lines have been crossed, awful words have been spoken, hearts have been broken and yet we have the audacity to post all this on You Tube? The behavior of these children must bring us to focus on the lack of respect between young children and the older generation.

They would use shocking curse words, throw lollypops in my hair, and laugh at me all the way home. Though I was just a child of ten I realized the awful predicament I would be putting my parents in.

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Karen Huff Klein, 68, a school bus monitor, endures profanity and nasty insults from a group of seventh graders.

You can watch it all online – the slurs have been viewed more than a million times.

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Without thinking, kids make fun of their parents and grandparents. Secondly, cherish and respect the generation above you. ” But these are the sparks that grew into a flame of hatred between brothers.

They ignore them when they walk into a room and push them away with biting and sarcastic comments. They have lived long years, overcome great obstacles, discovered wisdom, and created a path for you. This is the fire that burned our temple and caused us to wander from land to land. We are consumed by hatred and destroy each other through words. Let us resolve to stop the hatred once and for all. Each of us has the power to build and create a world filled with love.We have failed to raise our children to revere those who have come before them. ” Teachers have spoken to me about being ignored, talked over, challenged, defiant backtalk and unheard of levels of disrespect.The nasty retorts and smug attitude have become a normal mode of communication. Yes, it is wonderful that a fund has been established to send Karen Huff Klein on vacation.The Deification of Abstract Ideas in Roman Literature and Inscriptions.Author: Harold Lucius Axtell (West Medway, Massachusetts, – , Moscow, Idaho) Tags: , ,