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Ellie Udall, 29, was on honeymoon with her husband Jonathan, 31, and were touring the Grand Canyon when the Airbus EC130 B4 crashed just before sunset on Saturday February 10.

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Store owner Aram Kurd, 33, said he went to fetch a crate of beer when the blast erupted.

Leicester Police ruled out the possibility the incident was a terror attack but said the exact cause was unknown.

In the remarkable footage, the drone finds the man due to his body heat as he lies several feet off the main road where he had lost consciousness.

The drone was deployed after the man was spotted walking away from an accident on the A16 near Ludborough south of Grimsby, Lincolnshire, where a car had flipped onto its side.

Inset, the cover of the explosive edition of Tatler.

A mother and two sons are feared dead after an explosion tore through their two-bedroom flat above a convenience store in Leicester on Sunday night.Users must be over 18 years of age, but people may provide information or behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading, unlawful or illegal.Mamba has no way of telling if statements made by other visitors are true.This is a decision that can be made only at your discretion and the exercise of some degree of caution is recommended.By using the Website and its services you accept that this is the case and accept the risk associated therewith.Mrs Ragoobar’s youngest son survived the blast and described from his hospital bed how he saw ‘nothing but bricks’ and screamed for help until a passerby managed to pull him free.

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