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The dog had a broken leg, so Vaughan took it to Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Raleigh to be treated."I (told the veterinarians) 'Go ahead with the surgery,'" he said.

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"​I just want what's right by him, even though I don't have him anymore.

I just want what's right by my dog." Veterinary Specialty Hospital declined to comment on Vaughan's case but said it takes complaints filed with the state board seriously.

As with doctors for humans, though, things can go wrong at the vet's office.

When that happens, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board comes in.

She didn't want the Banfield vet to lose her license, but she thinks a reprimand for mixing up four dogs wasn't enough. "But I couldn't do anything about it." Banfield says the case led to major changes company-wide to increase pet safety.

Schadler and Hearn of the Veterinary Medical Board said accidents do happen.

Vaughan, I don't know how Gunner's still alive,'" Vaughan said.

"He's got an infection in his stomach that should have been noticed after his first X-ray." It was too late. Pets like Gunner are important parts of many families, and when they get sick or hurt, people treat them as they would any family member in seeking care.

That, to me, that just doesn't seem right." He is now involved in a civil suit to try to get his money back.

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