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“If you’re joining one of your partner’s holiday parties, do your best to walk in exuding confidence, even if you’re nervous,” says Hershenson. Cuddling up with a cozy movie is a free, sexy, and romantic date idea that is just too good to pass up, says Karyn.

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Or leave your honey stranded at the company Christmas party while you’re schmoozing the boss.

What we’re trying to say is, being in a relationship be wonderful this time of year, provided your actions are appropriate given the amount of time you’ve been together.

“It draws attention, it’s classic, it gives you confidence, and it’s a color people are drawn to.

You’ll stand out among all the other black dresses.” Even if your partner likes your family, there’s only so much a person can take, says health and wellness expert Caleb Backe.

“Some people want to spend more time with families and friends and aren’t ready to introduce you into the mix,” says marriage and family therapist Melissa Divaris Thompson. Give yourself time and space to connect with your own family and friends.” “If you have an office holiday work party and can invite a date, go for it it! “Especially if you feel confident they can easily take care of themselves in a crowd and you don’t need to constantly take care of them.” Holiday parties don’t need to be a huge deal, and are generally the more the merrier. People are out at night more than ever this time of year… Even if it means skipping a spin class or having sore feet after a long day, get out of your apartment, put on something sexy, and go to that party! Unless you get a sense that this relationship is really heading in a good direction, giving your S. something major—like a watch or a pricey designer clothing item—could give them the wrong idea or even scare them away, says Thompson.

But if you’re worried that it’s too soon to introduce this person into the mix of people you work with, listen to your gut. “Just because you wish you had someone to spend the holidays with doesn’t mean you need to settle for someone you otherwise would have no interest in just to have someone around,” says relationship therapist Kimberly Hershenson. “Make sure to have a conversation about what you’re both thinking around gift buying, to manage mutual expectations and get on the same page around spending.” Sometimes attending your partner’s work, family, or friend’s holiday party can be the first time you meet other people in their life.

To help make your love life a little smoother and more relaxed this season, be sure to follow these holiday dating dos and don’ts.

If you’re in a brand-new relationship, you might end up being seduced by the holidays, thinking that you should invite your new S. to the big family dinner, says dating coach Stacy Karyn. Ask yourself if you’re actually ready to take such a big step, or if it’s just the magic in the air getting you ahead of yourself.” Even if you’ve only been dating a few weeks, it’s okay to consider getting him/her a little something, but just make sure not to go overboard.

eing in a relationship is wonderful this time of year…that is, as long as you don’t buy too lavish (or cheap) a gift.

Or introduce your date too soon to your freaky family.

So before you start planning your first kiss under the mistletoe, here are some rules to remember at all stages of your relationship.

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