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Oil revenues allowed the state to greatly expand its work force while the wealth stimulated the private sector.

Thus, over the years large numbers of guest workers have found their way to Libya from Eastern Europe and the surrounding Mediterranean and Arab states. The Bedouin invasion of North Africa in the eleventh century brought the Arabic language to Libya.

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The landmass of 679,500 square miles (1,760,000 square kilometers) makes Libya the fourth largest country in Africa.

Each of the three provinces of Libya—Tripolitania on the western coast, Cyrenaica to the east, and Fezzan in the south—are influenced by the great Sahara in different ways.

With abundant rainfall and a temperate climate, crops were plentiful; citrus and olive groves abounded.

Communities maintained independence, some supported by their kin among the powerful camel herding tribes to the south.

The Socialist Popular Libyan Arab Jamahiriya—literally, "state of the masses," is a nation that has been undergoing a radical social experiment over the last thirty years.

This experiment has been underwritten by massive oil revenues and directed by the revolutionary government of Muammar Qaddafi. Situated on the coast of North Africa, nearly all of the nation's land mass is within the Sahara Desert.Everyone was aware of the military prowess and political autonomy of the tribes.Cyrenaica had a similar but more distinct antagonism between the desert and the town, and between pastoral tribal and sedentary agricultural society.Historically, Libya was characterized by sets of connections between relatively autonomous polities.Even under Turkish rule in the nineteenth century, the city of Tripoli was more of a city–state with commercial links to a politically autonomous countryside rather than a center of integrated rule.The Gulf of Sirte is between eastern Tripolitania and the mountain chains in Cyrenaica.

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