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For his role in Saving Private Ryan and The Talented Mr. He has also been highly acclaimed for his performance of Jason Bourne/ David Webb in the series Bourne from 2002 to present and as Francois Pienaar in Invictus.

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For a long time he was unlucky in matters of the heart, famously splitting with Minnie Driver live on , before stepping out with Winona Ryder and, reportedly, Penelope Cruz.

A nearly three-year relationship with pal Ben's former personal assistant, Odessa Whitmire, sparked rumours of marriage. His luck seems to have changed since meeting Luciana Bozan, a former bartender who now works as an interior designer.

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Damon has also been known for his high profile relationships.

He dated actress Skylar Satenstein on 1989 and was in an affair with Minnie Driver from 1996 to 1997.

"So it's really this kind of sense of owing it to another actor, owing it to the actor I was five years ago." Some of the films were successful – , all three of which enjoyed huge global success and established the actor as a fully-fledged action star.

The success he found in Hollywood, however, did not extend to his love life.

Matthew Paige Damon who is known better as Matt Damon, is an actor and filmmaker of American nationality who has been known to his appearances in the movies like Good Will Hunting and the Bourne film series.

He was born on the 8th of October, 1970 and has been indulged in the acting fraternity since 1988 according to his bio.

Claire Danes was surrounded with rumors to have been dating him on 1997.

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