Extreme 268 cam

262 and/or 270 duration can be 100 percent different from one cam to the next.

Extreme 268 cam-50Extreme 268 cam-54Extreme 268 cam-17

It's not cheap, but some professional port work on those heads would add more power than a cam swap, without loss of low RPM torque.

I also think throttle response would be better with a 600-650 carb. 1982 C10 SWB pickup: Unmolested base truck, original paint.

The 270 would give you a couple hundred additional rpm at top end but you would not notice all the much difference in terms of seat-of-the-pants power.

In my opinion, it is not worth going to all the work switching cams for so little difference.

I will this info to the speed shop in my nieghborhood...

I have known them for a while and just wanted to get an opinion on this site before I did anything....

As far as the heads, I spoke on line to a comp cam he suggested to get the heads flow tested first..

He said depending on the flow I might not have to do the head work.. Thanks John In response to vette73 The XE-274 was a cam I considered for my 383, but it made my DCR was too high so I went with the Magnum 280.

It will help them breathe better, and the cost is not that great.

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