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We were all sitting in the front lounge of the bus, laughing about things that have gone on in the day and just decompressing after a show.We are talking about you know beers that we could make.For us touring is a huge part of that as well because as young pre-drinking age musicians, beer wasn’t exactly first on the list.

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With the explosion of microbreweries around the country, especially by ’05, ’06, it really started to be even more prolific.

It became a thing of, “Okay, well, let us look for things that are interesting.” We started doing that pretty regularly.

He would talk about his favorite beers, and that got us even more into it.

He would even brew some of his own stuff and bring it on the road.

The Mmmhops name obviously stuck out for a lot of people.

I was wondering if when you came up with that name, somebody just threw it out at you and somebody went, “yeah right,” or that just was the name all along. It definitely started off that way because what happened was in classic kind of touring form.

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We originally planned to just do a limited run and maybe release it to our fan club or something.

We mentioned it casually during [an interview] that we were doing it.

The Oklahoma trio revealed their latest venture at the Oxford Union earlier this week with drummer Zac Hanson now 26, telling the audience: 'It's vital our fans trust in everything Hanson do.

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