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It’s the cornerstone of their arc and is what makes for a powerful character. Banks, King’s Speech, Up, Wedding Crashers among others all have a very clear moment where the protagonist sees the root of their flaw and comes face to face with why they do what they do.This kind of epiphany makes for a very satisfying story and in many ways is the sole reason we go to see movies.

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Many scripts I read have the protagonist change but it isn’t rooted to anything specific and feels quite arbitrary.

Though the character ends up having an arc, in that they undergo some kind of shift, ultimately it’s not emotionally satisfying.

In addition she is a screenwriting instructor and story editor for Project Involve, Film Independent’s (FIND) signature diversity program where she helps develop short film scripts which are produced and showcased at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Many have gone on to play at festivals across the country.

This will ensure your protagonist has a meaningful transformation that resonates with the audience well after they’ve left the theater.

Ruth Atkinson is a Los Angeles-based story editor and script consultant with over 20 years of experience in the film/television business.” This kind of epiphany is also in Up when curmudgeonly Carl (Ed Asner) sees the note Ellie left for him in their scrapbook, thanking him for their adventure and telling him to go have a new one.This helps him to reconcile the loss of his beloved wife and embrace his friendship with Russell (Jordan Nagai).Ruth has story edited and consulted on many films that have won awards and been distributed internationally including Jonas Chernick’s My Awkward Sexual Adventure, multi-award winning short film Lil Tokyo Reporter with Chris Tashima, The Perfect Family starring Kathleen Turner celebrated indie The People I’ve Slept With, Genie-nominated Who Loves the Sun starring Molly Parker and Adam Scott, and the New Zealand hit Predicament with Jemaine Clement.Ruth is also a story analyst for the Sundance Institute’s Feature Film Screenwriting and Directing Lab and Screen Queensland.The issues in my past that led me to that particular kind of guy I’ll save for my journal but suffice to say once I’d had that epiphany I never turned back.

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