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To do this, they need to either re-use existing cues (and risk the viewer drawing the wrong conclusions) or create new ones (and risk the viewer drawing the wrong conclusions).

Although sometimes a writer will pull it off, it more often leaves people with the completely wrong impression.

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They have been in the relationship since 5th August 2010.

Prior to this relationship, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Ashley Leggat and Shadia Simmons.

See also: Ho Yay, Foe Yay, No Yay, Incest Subtext, Hide Your Gays, and The Not-Love Interest.

via @katetoddmusic You'll recognize Kate as the lead girl on Radio Free Roscoe, the TV show that ran on Family from 2003-2005.

She was the player of the match, scoring two goals and helping to set up a third.

Hi everyone, I am new here so sorry if the previous thread had all the answers to my questions.

This trope isn't about writers fumbling the treatment of some relationship they to put in canon—making it more sympathetic or less sympathetic than they intended (in nine times out of ten, the trope you get in that case is Fan-Preferred Couple).

This is about a writer fumbling their treatment of something that wasn't supposed to be a relationship at all, so fans look at it and go "huh, seems like there's something there." Perhaps they accidentally made the protagonist and antagonist a bit too chummy, or put too much Belligerent Sexual Tension into Sibling Rivalry, or even slipped off the tightrope of Heterosexual Life-Partners.

Michael Seater and Ashley Leggat recently reunited for a movie he directed and were interviewed by MTV.

They admitted they ship Derek/Casey and see "nothing wrong" with the ship.

Ashley wants the fans to "keep on shipping it" and "never give up".

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