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By the 1990s, though, the restraint used in franchise.This series is a cross-pollination effort from all of the spoof creators listed above, except for Mel Brooks.

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Mostly, though, parody flicks have been the province of four distinct, but occasionally overlapping styles: Mel Brooks, Zucker Brothers, Wayans Brothers, and now Friedberg-Seltzer.

At the peak of his powers, Mel Brooks made a fistful of genre-aping classics like , whose best innovation was having hammy actors Robert Stack and Leslie Nielsen deliver their lines completely straight, trusting that audiences would get the joke.

Rather than just mock memorable aspects of specific movies, Wain and Showalter painstakingly recreate and have fun with the world these movies exist in. Explore the world One of the most successful aspects about Michael Jai White’s tribute to blaxploitation, , is the way he milks the movie’s premise.

White, a first-time screenwriter, utilizes the if-this-is-true-what-else-is-true ethos of improv to explore the ridiculous logic that must exist in this world in order for it to function.

The comedy is the star, so traditionally that helps them along the pipeline a little faster,” Jason Friedberg said in an interview with MTV.

That would explain why the biggest star who has been with this crew the longest is Carmen Electra.

Either way, the creators of demonstrate their working knowledge of, and affection for, the niche they’re spoofing at every turn, cramming as much period detail in every frame as possible.

From the fonts of the opening credits to the kinds of garments hanging from the cabin rafters, every choice made in this movie further serves to illuminate its milieu.

It was started by Wayanses, taken over by a Zucker brother, and it introduced the world to the particular talents of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg.

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