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Webcam models can have clients come back again and again several times a month, if your client's leave the show happy chances are they're coming back to spend more money at a later stage.

Setting Up an Adult Hosting Website So you want to start an adult hosting site because (you've heard) that's where the money is.

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Place the code where you would like the webcam button to be.

We have put together an example page of a webcam model here. All you need now are clients clicking on your webcam button You're probably sick of me mentioning social media sites by now but hopefully you have realised the sheer volume of clients that can be driven to your website, all through clever social media profiles.

It's also advisable to let your followers know earlier on in the day and keep posting updates until your show.

This will give potential client's plenty of notice so they can be available.

unlimited email addresses, pages, galleries, forms etc.

With Horny Designs you can design your own website around your personality. You want clients to be able to remember the domain name so the shorter the better.But before you start uploading videos to your site, there are some major legal concerns you need to think about – or risk being shut down.Here's an interesting fact: even though the Internet is global, your site has to play by jurisdiction rules.More information, updates and pictures means more followers, more followers means more potential webcam clients.Be careful not to upload images that may be to explicit, you don't want to get band from the website.Once you start to gain momentum on the social ladder you can now start to promote your webcam shows.

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