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Most Mixed Midsingles/Family Wards encourage Midsingles not to have a Primary or Nursery calling which allows Midsingles to attend the Midsingles Sunday School Class, and not feel stuck having no opportunity to fellowship with other Midsingles during the entire 3-hour block of meetings.

9) Midsingles can also have specific Midsingles callings as well.

However, it should be said that the Midsingles who “love their family ward” should consider attending the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward instead to help other Midsingles who need their example and support.

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It also makes it easier to plan any joint YSA/Midsingles activities.

This also encourages the YSAs to actually transition over to attend the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward when they turn 31.

Overall Characteristics of a Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward (Midsingles Magnet Ward) 1) A Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward is a magnet ward where all 30-something Midsingles in the stake, attend the same existing family ward together.

So there are family ward boundaries for families of all ages, and then Midsingles (and their children if they are single parents) living within the stake can also attend that ward as well.

There is much more involvement and commitment by the Midsingles if these are “set apart” callings, as opposed to approaching Midsingles duties as assignments on some sign-up sheet.

Different Phases of a Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward Phase I Approach (with 10-30 active Midsingles in the stake) Here are some examples of current Phase I Mixed Midsingles/Family Wards: Oak Marr Ward Midsingles, Oakton Virginia Stake Atherton Ward Midsingles, Long Beach California East Stake Ann Harbor 2nd Midsingles, Ann Harbor Michigan Stake 1) Midsingles meet with other families together in the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward during Sacrament Meeting and Priesthood/Relief Society.So they try to attend an all-age Single Adult 31 activity or dance, and see no one in their age range in attendance, instead seeing primarily people who could be their parents or grandparents attend.Currently in many areas, less than 5% of active 30-something Midsingles attend all-age 31 Single Adult activities.In each stake on the stake rolls there are , on average, 250-600 30-something Midsingles.Yet often only a handful or dozen 30-something Midsingles are active, many times sitting alone in a family ward.2) Typically, a Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward is done only on a stake level (or 2 stakes if they have the same feeder YSA Ward) meaning only Midsingles (and their children if they are single parents) within the stake boundaries can have their records in the Mixed Midsingles/Family Ward.

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