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has two pieces about the shroud on their website: one listing ten misconceptions, and the other with ten arguments in favour of the authenticity of the cloth. This can still be found today in the Jerusalem soil. Size The size of the cloth (4.36 by 1.11 meters) fits the Jewish measurement unity, the Anoti: 8 by 2 Jewish cubits. Some ancient icons even fit the face of the shroud exactly.

Then in my mid-fifties, I had always been an avid reader of history, particularly early church history.

I could not recall ever reading anything about the Shroud of Turin.

Adding to the political turmoil, the Pope was in Avignon, not Rome.

Indicative of the thinking in this age, some believed that the plague was God’s retribution on the whole world because the Pope was not in the eternal city.

The Hutchison Effect refers to the number of eerie phenomena that occurred when inventor John Hutchison attempted to replicate a few of inventor Nickola Tesla’s experiments.

Some of the strange events witnessed include levitation, fusion of objects completely different in matter (such as wood and metal), and disappearances of some smaller objects. What is meant is that the shroud is not that of Jesus and was (therefore) made by someone, possibly as a forged ‘relic’.The image shows that we are dealing with a Jewish man (facial features, mustache, beard and hair), aged between 30 and 40, about 1.78 meters tall and weighing some 80 kilos. Remarkable passion The passion of Christ was remarkable.Mc Crone, having noted that the shroud had suddenly appeared in 1356 in the hands of a French knight who would not say where it came from and that a local bishop soon thereafter claimed that an artist “cunningly painted” it, declared it a painted fake.Had I noticed the story in 1979, I would have certainly accepted his conclusion. A decade later, when three radiocarbon dating laboratories, using carbon 14 dating, supposedly proved the Shroud of Turin was medieval, I didn’t notice. Moreover, I am naturally skeptical about any relic with a historical footprint in medieval Europe.Even though more than one man was crucified (although the numbers were not that great), we only know of Jesus that he was tortured, whipped, was given a crown of thorns and ws stabbed in His side after His death. Impossible to copy The image was created at a time that the shroud was stretched.

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