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He shall “blind” enemy armored car and tank drivers by firing at their vision visors.

He is capable of independent action under the most difficult conditions of battle.” (2) This statement was from an official Soviet military publication dated October of 1943.

When operating in these groups it was not uncommon for the observer or other team members to be armed with a sub- machine-gun to provide close quarters support should they be detected.

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Doch was macht das Werkstattportal von Auto Scout24 so einzigartig?

Das Werkstattportal ist mehr als nur eine einfache Werkstattsuche.

Many times the snipers formed small groups of 3-5 to bring concentrated fire upon advancing troops, resulting in slowing the advance with a devastating effect on morale not to mention manpower.

Often times the Soviet sniper allowed the advance to pass by his concealed position in order to bring fire upon the officers directing the attack from the rear.

The serious experimentation with telescopically sighted rifles began in the mid 1920’s.

Initial experimentation began by mounting commercial scopes then military contracted optics upon the m/91 Dragoon.

This mounting system was a large dovetailed base that allowed a mating split ring one piece mount to be slid on and affixed with a large thumb screw.

The rings were solid and required the scope to be silver soldered in place.

It clearly shows the importance the Red Army gave to the sniper in its ranks.

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