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One is Happy and Love Forever (幸福一定强), the first series of Happy of the Rings trilogy (幸福三部曲的首部曲) of Anhui TV, with Ming Dao and Li Yi Feng.

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Some names seem like a test to see if we, the viewers, would notice.

While other, more blatant character names deliberately tie into the plot of the entire series.

News of the two dating in real life first started circulating when it was reported that Hu was exclusively carpooling Chen in his own car to and from filming locations everyday, the two holding hands backstage during SETTV 2013 New Years countdown show, and both were caught at a movie theater together.

In 2015, both Chen and Hu admitted to be in a relationship since 2012.

The drama is about a single unwed mother played by Chen who has to decide if she will take back her irresponsible ex-boyfriend and father of her child played by River Huang or be with her more mature and reliable co-worker played by Melvin Sia.

In 2016, she acted in the Taiwanese film White Lies, Black Lies.

My upper set has never been perfect, I went for a six months consultant and is a candidate, but its a bit expensive lol I guess I'll have to take what God gave me. So i thought right, i have always wondered if Nini had braces for her upper set of teeth coz it has that perfect U shape to it. I've inherited it from my belated father and I happened to somehow inherited his broad'ish shoulders so I've always been the more athletic one then my sisters who all inherited their natural petiteness from my mom. I'm content with what God and my parents gave me for the most part.

Accdg to one article, she did have braces for 2 years but said that she left her lower set of teeth untouched. No clue but I'm in the same predicament as George with my bottom teeth. According to these three articles that just came out with interviews with Annie at today event. Annie still denies their dating rumor, they are still friends after filming two dramas (but have little contact with each other since they are not filming together anymore), and yes, Annie would film with George again if the script suits her. My friend from China told me that everyone on Nini's weibo is freaking out because apparently "appledaily" has posted that Nini and Geo has broke up.

Sometimes the writers of our favorite Asian dramas make the names of their characters into an interesting or funny play on words.

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