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No idea of number of seats as it is gutted but suspect 10 or 14 ).It is a Bedford A Type so presumably an A2LZ or A3LZ - double rear wheels and alloy body. Petrol engine and no plates of any kind on it manufacturers or coach builders.If anyone else has seen it since let me know, it would be nice to think it's still being looked after.

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He wondered if anyone would be interested in securing it for restoration.

The trailer has clearly been abandoned for some time and would need some major work, it has a body fitted to it, as the pictures depict it has that 'radio room green' interior and some sort of sliding, supported roof, there is also a little cabin right at the front and the tyres appear to be anti-fod which may suggest that the trailer was just used locally on the airfield.

Hendon has given me a lot of help, they had the Regulations AP 4545 volume 2 vehicle marking and the book 'Wheels of the RAF' and were most helpful.

The number is 90 AA 72 and the code 1618 2757 though 1620 2757 was originally on the record card then altered.

If it is military I would suggest it is either a base modification for more than 10 seats or a local built body, the attached data shows a typical Bedford A3LZ 10 seater with a much shorter body.

telling me he'd stumbled across a Queen Mary trailer rather worse for wear at former RAF Wickenby, now Wickenby Airport in North Lincolnshire.

Latest purchase today, 1971 Ex RAF Mountain Rescue Ambulance, recently refurbished with Tdi engine and 5 speed box, good running order, needs putting back to military markings and rear fitting out when I get the time.

Hi Ian I've been meaning to dig these out for a while and then seeing the 71MU reunion prompted me to get on with it.

Next time I'm up there I'll have a look around as up in the control tower there is a bit of a museum maybe you could get some contact details of servicemen that served there in the 50's before its final closure.

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