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Caller Smart is an app that would make your mother proud.

How it works: Type in an unknown number and it will generate the caller's full name and crowd-sourced info about that person.

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Pipl is an extremely powerful and easy to use people search engine.

You can search the database for people by their name and city, by their email address, by their user name and also by their phone number.

As online dating grows more popular so do dating scams associated with them.

There are many good resources online describing dating scams but not very many give concrete ways to defend or combat them.

Just a little warning before we begin: using some of the tools I’m going to cover can be considered a little…rude.

All information discovered is publicly available but sometimes taking actions like this can be viewed as distrustful (and rightfully so). By no means would I suggest these tools be used for every person you meet online.Here are the steps to search the Tineye database (I’ll be using Firefox to describe some of these steps but all modern browsers will support these steps): Well, look at that!It looks like Megan Fox has been contacting me all this time! Megan Fox is probably not the best example for this since she’s recognizable but you get the idea.This step won’t help you identify if you’re being lied to or scammed but it could protect you from spam or someone who is a little interested in you.In this step, I’m going to walk you through the steps of setting up a new email account at Gmail and then setting up that account so it will forward all email received to your main email account. Now when you give out an email address when online dating, you’ll give this address.To gauge their honesty, "ask them a question, and then later ask them the same question in a different way," Garth Bruen, security fellow of the Digital Citizens Alliance, a Washington, D. One example: Asking where the person went to high school.

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