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Changes in Digital Ocean's backend infrastructure have lead to a more modern process that allows users to manage kernels the Droplet.

Users can manage their kernels using the server's regular package updating procedures.

For Droplets that use the in-control panel legacy system, a special kernel called Digital Ocean Grub Loader is now available and recommended.

You can now use kernels installed from within the operating system itself.

Before upgrading your kernel, you should check the version of the kernel that you are currently using.

Digital Ocean uses two different methods of managing kernels depending on the operating system and when the Droplet was created.

In the past, kernels for Digital Ocean Droplets were managed of the Droplets themselves inside the Digital Ocean control panel.

To display both the kernel version and your system's architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), type: ) and the second item tells you the architecture (in this example, the system is 64-bit).

The kernel displayed is the one currently being used to operate your Droplet.

The latest Beagle Bone Black Debian distribution images are available from Beagle Board.org/latest-images.

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