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Biological and physiological characteristics defining females and males may have differential impact on disease outcome upon pathogen exposition.

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Females inherit 1 maternal and 1 paternal X chromosome, and the duplicate gene requires silencing to avoid double protein generation [8].

Because this gene inactivation occurs randomly and is not restricted to the maternal- or paternal-derived X chromosomes, possible X chromosome–linked mutations can be selectively silenced and the respective gene on the second X chromosome still provides the backup in females, which is missing in males.

The article can be accessed directly here and any comments can be directed to the task group chair, Professor Lars Öhrström.

The task group was set-up in 2009 to document, analyse and evaluate the use of nomenclature and terminology in the areas of coordination polymers and metal-organic frameworks.

The hormone values are given for serum levels in adult men and in adult, premenopausal, nonpregnant women.

The role of certain cell subsets may differ between the initiation, resolution, or restoration phase of the influenza infection, which should be taken into consideration and provides the rationale for using terms such as “potentially.” Page and reference constraints do not permit us to provide a fully referenced table including all original data sources.

Of note, genes highly relevant for the recognition of viral pathogens, for example, pattern recognition receptors, are encoded on the X chromosome [12, 13].

Influenza is known to severely affect human populations worldwide through seasonal epidemics, pandemics, and localized outbreaks and is associated with high fatality rates.

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Here, we review published evidence on the potential association between sex on influenza risk and propose that future epidemiologic studies should carefully dissect surveillance data for sex-specific effects.

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