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” If he’s going out of his way to hang by moving plans around or showing up at the most random of places (e.g.

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Which is why I wasn’t at all surprised when she met a man only two weeks into our coaching sessions. Application of this made-up “rule” is surprisingly simple. He calls, he texts, he emails – you just “mirror” his efforts and give him enthusiasm and warmth every time.

Why is a man not clamoring to reserve his weekends for you, or take you on a short vacation, or meet your friends and family? I need a man who is looking for a relationship and you don’t seem to be that guy.

You win this one by assessing his efforts and concluding that you’re wasting your time.

You don’t win this war by waiting him out and hoping he falls for you after four months or six months or one year of casual sex.

Spending tons of time together Do you spend more time with him than your roommate or bestie?

Has he randomly showed up at your place of work just to “keep you company on your lunch break?As a lifelong dude, I’ve come to a pretty unshakable conclusion on the “co-ed friendship” issue.Once beyond puberty, a guy will only befriend a girl for three reasons: 1) She’s dating one of his buddies 2) He’s already dated her and has since moved on 3) He wants to make out Let me put it this way: if your male friend isn’t Persistent body contact Hand slaps, shoulder squeezes, elbow grabs, booty bumps – all are obvious flirtations.I’ve got a guy friend who I’ve started feeling attracted to.He’s always joked around with me and made comments implying that he likes me (and I used to ignore it), but where do the jokes end? Can you give any hints in body language or cues which can tell me when it’s not a joke?For some people the 4 weeks turns into 4 months without them noticing and by then they’re in that pattern…and the behavior becomes acceptable yet unfulfilling and it’s too late to change it because you’ve been the “nice”, undemanding girl the whole time. Why is a man perfectly content only seeing you once every two weeks? Just evaluate your man on the effort he’s making for you. And if you don’t get the sense that the relationship is growing, the talk is brief and emotionless: “Hey Adam, it’s been fun getting to know you, but I get the sense that we’re not on the same page.

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