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Tsai is the owner of the bean-to-bar chocolate company Choco Vivo where she handcrafts small batches of dark chocolate using traditional Mayan methods dating back over 2,000 years.

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Hazhar Ramadan Ahmed,was born in kurdistan region of Iraq has master degree in English language,and diploma degree In Science of Islamic was teacher for more than 7 years at higher school Education on the other hand he is journalist for more than 8 years and he is member in international federation of journalists,he is a leader of nongovernmental organization under the name of islamic culture association in kurdistan,the aim of this organization is wanna to tell people about the risks of radical clusters ,and want to tell and show to people that we have to love peace and each other cos God created all human God is not the God of muslim people's only.

Her lecture series focused on children born and/or raised in cultic groups with a special focus on issues of human rights.

She is principal researcher of a project entitled: Psychological abuse, influence and adaptation to violence in partner relationships, which was financed by the Comunidad de Madrid and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

He currently works with a number of cult affected families/individuals in the US and England, primarily on line.

Tsai works with growers to select specially fermented beans for a unique flavor, and uses whole cacao nibs and whole spices as Mother Nature intended.

Museum Galleries Capturing Animals Explore techniques for drawing animals and learn the basics of animal structure and anatomy with artist Peter Zokosky.

Nem sokkal utána zombiként feltámad és Anára támad, aki alig tud elmenekülni.

There had reportedly been over 100 supporters earlier on.

Museum Galleries Drawing on Edge Discover how contour drawing can be used to investigate the form, shape, and movement of the human figure with artist Marissa Magdelena.

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