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My Single Friend offers you the chance to ask a friend to describe you and put out a good word for you.

Iversen says: “Involving a friend in your dating profile is a great way to get honest feedback, both on what you’ve written and the photos you’ve used.

You can’t live without your pour-over coffee in the morning?

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While men are more attracted to screen names that indicate physical attractiveness like ‘blondie’ or ‘cutie’, women are more likely to take interest in names indicating intelligence like ‘cultured’.2.

Choose the right pic Research shows that clothes and physical appearance in photos have a powerful influence on how attractive you’ll come across.

We have also found that people enjoy reading comments on MSF profiles as it gives more insight into the members, and helps bring the person to life.“If they’ve got a friend who’s willing to vouch for them, it makes people feel they are more likely to be a decent person.

—With a touch of panache and honesty, you can create a magnetic online dating profile.

Show you are great company with a group picture Group photos where you are having a good time with other people will make you more appealing, scientists say.

Pictures where you are in the middle will create a sense of importance, drawing more attention to yourself.

Imagine you are creating a snapshot of yourself – one designed to entice and inform, to give a taste of who you are.

With some choice pieces (as well as good grammar), you’ll have a great online profile designed to attract the one you want.(1) Tell a story.

Iversen adds: “There's plenty of opportunity to include full length pics of you, favourite pets, places etc.

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