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The Crystalens is one of the presbyopia-correcting IOLs or the accommodating IOLs.

These resemble the most advanced treatment option available to cataract patients.

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These are the newest and most expensive generation of IOLs.

They have several designs and technologies, but all aim at mimicking the accommodation phenomenon of the natural lens of the eye.

Of course they are, but today we will talk about what is perhaps the crème de la crème of them – The Crystalens IOL.

Aren’t IOLs considered one of the miracles of modern times?

These specialized lens implant designs work in a way to help you achieve your vision correction goals of being able to see at a variety of distances after cataract surgery-without being dependent on eyeglasses.

Presbyopia correcting lens implants correct both your distance vision and your Presbyopia after Cataract Surgery.

This advanced technology lens implant is called the Crystalens® TRULIGN™ Toric Implant.

For the vast majority of patients with astigmatism and near vision focusing problems, by having a toric accommodating lens implant it means that you will be able to see at distance and up close without being dependent on eyeglasses.

The flanges are connected to the main body of the IOL through a specially designed hinges.

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