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When Batman comes to get the cure from Joker, who’s set a trap for him, intends to make him work for it.- Takes place during " Batman: Arkham City " events-* I didn't wrote this! Every plan, no matter how well thought out, can fail or become obsolete as a situation changes. Backup plans are a necessity, but one must also have the strength to fulfill these plans when the time comes. When Josh needs Tyler most, will his best friend be there for him, or will he be facing the future on his own?Here the original:* Leila June is a yeoman boarding the Enterprise for the first time, along with Marla Mc Givers, her friend and lover. Often times, they are not the ones you wanted to execute. One things for sure, senior year is going to be hell. This is also being posted on Wattpad under the same title. Jin has been in too many abusive relationships to count and each one had broken him down a little bit more.Unfortunately, their rivals the Starks are pushing across the moors and encroaching into their territory. Calliope has the perfect plan to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone ever again. Dean has been on his own for ten months, dealing with the way his life now is on his own.

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When Jared was younger, he was kidnapped and held for months, during which he was brutalized, raped, and castrated.

He was finally rescued but suffered one more devastating indignity when his penis was amputated due to infection.

In which sixteen-year-old Buffy Summers' life (and self-esteem) has hit an all time low.

But just when she thinks all hope is lost, she finds her luck is about to change, but will it necessarily be for the better?

Extremely Dark, sad and twisted story so reader beware.

Sam's a normal man introduced to the cruel world of alpha and omega dynamics when he rescues an abused omega from a shelter.Reek's Master, Lord Ramsay Bolton, is turning the seven kingdoms red in his quest for the Iron Throne. And, in the end, there are worse things than having a place to call home and someone to belong to.And Reek awaits him each time he's gone, and submits each time he returns to the Dreadfort. Ramsay Bolton is bored, and when he’s bored bad shit happens.Years later, he considers himself fully recovered, physically and psychologically. But for the first time, he feels inadequate and that he won’t be able to satisfy Jensen. “Soon after I left.” Charles said quietly, and he chose his next words with great care. They thought I could tell them, that by cutting me they would get it out of me. Sam just has to struggle through the horror that is a dom-ruled world first.

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