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When I explained to the rep I'm being matched with guys that don't match what I'm looking for and I would just like to get my money back she told me," We don't do refunds" and then said "I'm hanging up now" and hung up on me!

I can't believe such a well-known company could be this horrible.

Seriously, how hard would it be to set up a reminder email service to be sent out to users a week before their renewal to make them aware of upcoming charges so they could actually choose to remain a paying user or not?

I mean, maybe my situation has changed in the last 6 months. But after the payment has gone through, I have no cooling-off period for my charged subscription or a chance to get a partial refund? I very politely called their customer services and explained the situation. I explained to her that I might go online and post about this.

I see them all as new life-navigating tools which can be used in a variety of ways.

When looking for someone to be with, some people are old-school and prefer the traditional means of finding someone...

I've had my account suspended for the last 4 (FOUR) months as I haven't needed the service and wanted my profile to disappear from the website and not show up in searches. To be clear, to have a suspended account means that I cannot use the service and even if I do log in on the website there's a specific process I must go through to reactivate my account and be able to use it again.

So I assumed I was back to having a regular, unpaid profile without any of the benefits of the paid subscription, just like the first free profile you make at If you do sign up with any dating websites, please be aware that unfortunately even the biggest one of them - - has no transparency, flexibility and in the end of the day is just out to get you. It is a waste of money and one of Match’s employees said I was unable to get a refund.Please do read the small lettering if you do sign up and I would recommend opting out of any kind of subscription renewal services as soon as you sign up otherwise you risk completely forgetting about it after not using it for months and still be charged a ridiculous amount for a service you no long require. .99 just went down the drain for nothing and I will NEVER recommend Match to anyone ever again unless I can get the .99 back. Com billing practices, i.e., once a person signs up, he/she acquiesces to ongoing monthly charges unless the subscriber cancels before the expiration date of subscription, I cancelled immediately upon signing up. Com keeps making a person navigate through a myriad of pages before arriving on the last one to cancel.I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "supervisors do not get involved with billing disputes." Myself being a retired cop and now criminal defense attorney I next made a complaint with the FTC and BBB.Now, .99 may not be a lot of money, however, when you multiply that amount by hundreds, likely thousands, with many victims unaware of their rights to dispute a charge to their respective credit card, makes a ton of money.I will also be actively looking for forums on people talking about you and I will share my views. I'll file a lawsuit even for such a small amount just because this is a terrible business practice. I joined for a month and nothing really came out of my .99 I spent.

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