Pro golfers dating dating for teachers

Golfers might not get as much love as other mainstream athletes, but as these sexy babes show, they definitely still get the girls.

Elin Nordegren, a former model, might be the most well known golfer WAG but plenty of others rival the former Mrs. Fellow blondes includes the likes of Alli Mac Kenzie, wife of Will Mac Kenzie, Amy Mickelson, wife of Phil Mickelson, and Suzanne Stonebarger, wife to Ricky Barnes.

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Frankly, we'd have more fun following Lady Gaga on tour than some middle-aged party boy any day!

What do you think, is there a celebrity you'd hook up with no matter your relationship status?

This man has a big heart for the Lord and for college golfers.

He is part of CGF (College Golf Fellowship) and hosts retreats at his house for college age golfers to show them the love of Christ through Bible studies.

Tiger Woods' affairs bring the culture of golf groupies into the spotlight.

The Tiger Woods saga has not only revealed another admired, seemingly squeaky clean celebrity to be a prolific philanderer, but has turned the spotlight back on to that notorious subculture of female fans: the groupie..

Larry Mize and Scott Simpson were big influences in his life and led him in PGA Bible studies when he was younger. Jonathon is not as well-known as some of the other golfers, but he has won 5 PGA tour events with his latest being the 2011 Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

He is also part of the CGF, helping to give back to the next generation of college age golfers.

“Bill focuses his charitable efforts on improving the lives of families facing challenges through his support of organizations such as Focus on the Family. His “Therapy Sessions – Hair Attachment” video on You Tube is hilarious!

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