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Mission Valley Baptist Church sits near the east bank of the Rio Grande River in Los Lunas.Much of the area is a bedroom community for Albuquerque workers.Engle said they don’t have that many visitors to track and keep up with, “We’re small enough that there aren’t a lot of visitors and a lot of people are folks with addictions, etc.

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Easter brought high attendance and many decisions to New Mexico churches during Easter weekend. No matter the size, every church that had decisions and visitors faces the challenge of following up.

Tracking down and getting back in touch with Sunday visitors often takes diligence and perseverance.

The city of 850 is located east of Ute Lake in the northeast corner of the state. “There are not a lot of people moving in; we don’t have numbers to draw from for prospects,” he said.

First Baptist provides a tear-off bulletin flap with space for visitors to fill in contact information.

He follows the card with a phone call to see if they would like him to visit their home.

He said that, usually, the home visit is where he answers questions about the church.Pastor Dan Soulsby described challenges the church faces with visitors. Others do enjoy the worship service and want to come back. Gila Valley Baptist Church is located near the Gila River in the southwestern corner of the state. “Local folks” live within 30 to 35 miles, according to pastor Tar Henderson.Guests receive a welcome bag containing a gift and information about the church. On Monday mornings, Henderson personally handwrites and sends cards to each guest.Candy Kitchen Baptist Church is a small congregation located in rural western New Mexico, roughly 19 miles south of Ramah. If they request more information or have church-related or spiritual questions, the church schedules a home visit.The church uses a sign-in sheet in their foyer to capture guest information. Sometimes, guests prefer to meet at the church’s facility, rather than in their home.The Baptist New Mexican asked churches from different parts of the state how they follow up on guests.

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