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At one point they walked arm in arm in front of cast and crew.

They always took a full one hour lunch, unusual in the business, and came back with a change of shirt.

I have zero doubt in my mind he was a true narcissist by the DSM standard.

Thinking about the dude was creepy once I look back on the things he did like he would bully us in the most subtle ways.

John Wayne brought his yacht, The Golden Goose, up to Washington State most summers when he was younger.

It was common knowledge among boaters that young boys were always on the boat with Wayne and his friends.

Kaye was a master of musical comedy, Olivier of straight drama.

Each had enough talent to cross over into the other's domain, but they were never competing for the same roles.It was actually a bit of a creepy as my grandfather seemed to be implying that he and Billy messed around as kids, and that it was just a stage, but if I didn't didn't grow out of my "stage" that I too could develop into a black out drunk, inappropriately hitting on males when wasted.(Gramps didn't use the words dude or wasted either, but you get the idea).Like I said earlier I often get asked weird questions on sets I've been on. Guess lots of girls get passes on sets, especially the more naive ones, so no big deal. All his wives knew, but only Joan didn't want to look the other way.I've always had a hard time imagining what the hell he and Danny Kaye would even have to talk about but their rumored relationship lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages.Strange thing is that I had never heard any such rumors before and have never heard any since.

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