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"I thank every bully I ever had because that's the only reason I'm here," he said. He did not have a response to the contradiction, but he recounted his first memory of being bullied."I remember a kid throwing an orange at the back of my head in Spanish class and calling me four-eyes, and I remember saying, I said, ' That's true, and I have two more eyes than you,'" he said. If I have four eyes, I'm twice as good as you." If you don't let bullies affect you, he said, "their power is gone." You can't control their actions, you can only control your reaction, he explained. I understand you were at my house at 1, seeking the interview, which I mistakenly understood — I heard that you were available on the 21st and the 22nd, and I asked that we schedule it for Sunday, and I get the impression that someone, when I said Sunday, they didn't think that I meant the 22nd, they meant Sunday as in the next Sunday? I pride myself on being the most punctual and the least flaky person in all of Los Angeles, so it kills me that you that you were at my door. Hope you had a good day despite being stranded at a weird gate probably kicking the ground, and this message is now becoming awkwardly long, annnnd etc. But when I showed up at that house a second time, he opened the gate immediately.

"I learned how to not be affected by it and triumph over it, and that made me — again, if I had any success whatsoever, it's because these people made fun of me."It put "a drive" in him, he said, and in a way made him feel more secure in himself. At the end of the interview, he said this opinion probably has a lot to do with the fact that he was only bullied for a few years before he went to a performing arts high school, "this magical realm of a school," he said, "that became a sanctuary for every not-quite-normal kid in Las Vegas," his hometown and a town where he still owns a home. Gubler's enchanted world extends beyond the supernatural and into the banal. There was no answer, so I waited three minutes before ringing it again. I heard the buzzer — I heard someone down there, like, ' Who the fuck would be at my house on a Sunday? Within two minutes, he asked to try on my helmet."I have a giant head; I doubt it'll — I'm pretty sure it won't fit, but I'm kinda just tryin' on a helmet." (He tries it on.) "Yeah, more like a yarmulke on me.

The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...

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"(Paget Brewster, an actress and former Criminal Minds cast member, has big brown eyes, although they are shut in the portrait.)Gubler casts the atypical people he admires when he directs episodes of Criminal Minds, citing both their odd beauty and his responsibility to present unconventional-for-television individuals to the masses as reasons for doing so.

"He paints a picture with them more than anything else," said Scott David, Criminal Minds' casting director, who said he's "always on the lookout" for "a Gubler type."David didn't have a very specific definition of a "Gubler type" beyond some adjectives: interesting, odd, weird, different.

He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each. Given Name: Matthew Gray Gubler Nickname: Matt Age: 37 (3/9/1980)Occupation: Entertainment - Actor Most Famous For: Dr.

Recent reports note that Taylor Swift is Matthew Gray Gubler girlfriend.

(In what seemed like dissociation from the "horrifying crime show," he did not refer to Criminal Minds by name for the first 49 minutes of the interview, calling it, rather, "the show I'm on.") Of the six episodes he's directed, five of them bear his distinct stamp — whimsically shot dream sequences, 1920s lamps, elaborate wallpaper, a sense of the vaudevillian; Messer referred to one as "a signature Gubler episode." The incongruous sixth is Paget Brewster's final episode, "Lauren," which has a more sober, less theatrical mise-en-scène, perhaps the perfectionist's concession to the gravity of a friend's departure.

I asked him about making art in his downtime on the set he's worked on for nine seasons: "It seems like both filming in general and being on the same show for so long could potentially be —""Maddening?

I don't have to be in the same room as them pretending to like it, so I very rarely show people things, and I've made the mistake — like, some people misinterpret my style of painting as offensive, and I've had instances where I've painted beautiful portraits for, like, a girlfriend or someone, and they're just like, they look at it with a grimace and they're like, ' This is terrible. He said he didn't see the creepiness of the blurred and long-fingered figures he paints, in part because he has a peculiar aesthetic sensibility."This is my friend Paget; she's an actress," he said, gesturing to the painting with the words "Sleepy Ballerina." "This, to me, is like, the most beautiful photo of her, or picture of her, but again, I guess it is kind of creepy, because the watercolors make it smudged.""It's the fingers," I suggested, looking at the long, swollen fingers.

I don't look like this, and you're awful, and you must hate me.' And I'm crushed by it, so I kind of am weird about being in the room when it's shown.""Is my portrait up there? "Maybe the eyes." (Swollen, purple.) "Yeah, it looks like blood, that's lipstick. "How do I explain it — I've had a lot of coffee, so I'm not (making sense) here, but people are — it's weird because you can't really describe it.

"I'll never touch a computer, I'll never drive a car, I'll never hold a laptop, I'll never hold an i Pad. Reid takes after his portrayer: Gubler called himself "technologically kind of phobic," but instantly acknowledged irony of saying that when he has an active and somewhat bizarre web presence; he also acknowledged the oxymoron of using the internet to affect old-timey-ness, which he does frequently (he handwrites notes and posts them on social media sites, for one).

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