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Sign up for the AARP Money Newsletter Miller is on the verge of selling his hedge fund company, and, to cover up a 2 million gap in the books, he's borrowed from another tycoon who now wants his money back.

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Gere steals the show, but all the actors, perfectly cast, are exquisite.

Even real-life Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter, in a cameo performance, brings home a surprising plot twist.

Falling in love with a white girl called Dorothy doesn’t add to his popularity, either.

“The dramatic hit of last season, both in New York and Boston,” read the review in the Cornell Daily Sun.

Renowned for his many Broadway triumphs, Edeson (“he carries the audience with him from the opening” – The Cambridge Chronicle) decided to call his retreat Strongheart, and the words are etched into the brick above one of the many fireplaces.

He chose the name because that was the role he had played in a hugely successful theatrical production.

There’s certainly no dispute that the surrounds are every bit as well groomed as Gere himself, who turns 65 next Sunday.

Outside are rolling lawns, attractive flower gardens, a gym and a basketball court.

By the end of the 19th century, the region had become a favourite holiday location for the rich and famous.

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