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In 1960, the federal government moved abruptly from the latter to the city of Brasília, which was purpose built to create a seat of government in the interior of the country to tip the scales of the country’s economic and political clout away from the coastline, where most of the action happens in Brazil. Niemeyer was perhaps a tad overzealous with his experimental town planning of the capital – given that he designed Brasília in the shape of an . The mid-20th century was an area punch-drunk on the giddy potential that air travel technology allowed, and Mr Niemeyer in turn was keener on his futuristic symbolism than on his desire for day-to-day pragmatism.

It was a legendary orchestration of town planning conducted by the world-famous famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who was responsible for dreaming up some of the most iconic buildings in Brazil and beyond, full of bold geometric forms and free-flowing curves. On the other hand, it turned out to be quite apposite, because Brasília is so far away from anything else you do actually need a plane to get there.

These are all within the wide remit of o jeitinho brasileiro. The word can have mixed connotations of inventivity, shrewdness, and mild illegality.

The concept is for some a positive marker of national identity, and for others a damning trait, when it strays close to cheating – see one other definition of There is no good direct translation for this one, but the phrase tells a fascinating story.

And out of a total continental population of some 400 million, over 210 million South Americans are indeed Brazilian.

That makes it high time to give a quick tour of this underappreciated titan of the major world languages – with phrases ranging from the handy to the historical to the hopelessly untranslateable. Meaning: ‘No worries’, ‘It’s all good’ Stay laid back, we’re not going anywhere.

In the wake of Brazil’s independence from Portugal in 1822, Britain pursued an anti-slavery agenda with the young country in exchange for international recognition of its independence.

In 1827, the young nation pledged to end the import of slaves within three years.Meaning: ‘ Brazil joins a club with Canada, Australia and South Africa for being one of the world’s major countries where most foreigners do not know where the capital city lies.The seat of power has jumped around a fair bit over the years, but has never been the biggest city (São Paulo) and has not been Rio de Janeiro for over 50 years. The author is not a native speaker, so if you notice any mistakes or have other suggestions, please leave a comment below! Be sure to check out Ernesto Machado‘s excellent article 10 Tips to Improve Any Trip to Brazil.The Olympics have come a long way since the earliest record of the ancient Greek Olympiad in 776 BC, when the only event was a simple foot race.The law which finally declared that all Africans who were brought to Brazil would be free was therefore reduced to a kind of lip-service proclamation to keep the British surveyors happy, while in reality the Brazilian slave trade underwent a boom in the following years.

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