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About 50 percent of the screen time on this show is dedicated to extreme close-ups of vaginas, penises, six-packs, love-handles, nipples, boobs and butts.

The camera seems to linger on every hair, pimple and stretch mark, as well as the curves and protrusions.

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“As if that wasn’t barrel-scrapingly un-British enough, here for your viewing pleasure is Naked Attraction,” they said.

Around 20 viewers even lodged formal complaints with the television watchdog.

The twist is that this clutch of potential soul mates has to be whittled down during a slow reveal of their entirely naked bodies.

The doors on the six booths do not slide in the direction you might expect. During round one, the doors continued to rise until our heroine, Aina, was looking at six swinging appendages.

The balls in question—yes, those kind of balls—belonged to a trainee zookeeper from Liverpool.

Maxwell, 24, was appearing on the first episode of Naked Attraction, an extraordinary new show that had Britain reaching for the fainting couch on Monday night.

Some of these shows began with bad ratings or went through creative slumps, but got here thanks to Network to the Rescue (and avoiding being Screwed by the Network).

Some of these shows are even Older Than Television.

The voiceover boomed: These dates “start where a good date often ends—naked.”And when Channel Four says naked, it means naked.

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