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Theatre and performance companies are now beginning to exploit silent disco technology as well.

In 2009, with the help of Silent Arena Ltd, Feral Productions began using an experimental approach – a mixture of narrative-led performance, sound art and guided exhibit.

The idea was the brainchild of the project manager from Proquip, who supplied the giant screen, and engineers from Moles Recording Studio in Bath, Somerset, who were working with Radio Avalon.

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In 2016, Irish band Until April began using this for their shows on the street while touring in Germany and Switzerland.

Title: Silent Dating | Quiet Parties with Silent Dating Description:Interested in finding out more about Silent Dating?

The first event, organised by London-based artists Ben Cummins (also founder of Pillow Fight Club) and Emma Davis, was at London's Liverpool Street Station in September 2003.

By the end of 2008 there had been more than twenty of these events at similar venues throughout London, mostly train station concourses or other public spaces that lend themselves to expressive dancing and rapid dispersal.

The term "silent disco" has been in existence since at least 2005 with Bonnaroo Music Festival advertising such an event that year with DJ’s Motion Potion, Quickie Mart and DJ medi4 and headphones provided by KOSS.

kicking off at Winter Music Conference in Miami, followed by Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Wilmington NC, Charlottesville Va, Baltimore, New York City, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and St. During this tour, the company became the first to produce American silent discos on a beach (Miami Beach) and a boat (the Rocksoff Cruise in New York Harbor).

To an observer it would appear that the participants are dancing for no apparent reason.

Mobile clubbing events are organized using mass-emails, word-of-mouth or social networking websites such as Facebook, or a combination of these methods.

In August 2008, the first silent Battle of the Bands was held at The Barfly music venue in Cardiff.

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