Christian teen dating contract

Where do you set boundaries & rules for your own children?How do you even bring up the awkward conversation of dating and sex?

For example, carefully define the exact behaviors and meaning of the words "safe driving." You might have the teen write, "I will never consume alcohol until I am of legal age, nor will I ride with any driver who has been drinking." Teen-agers are better able to conform to parents' wishes when they understand their exact expectations. If any of these occur a second time, I will lose it for up to three months." Likewise, spell out how the teen can earn rewards for positive behaviors through allowance, special dessert, or extra use of the family car, etc. Teens will more likely consider them their limits, rather than standards imposed on them. Henry Brandt is the essence of enforcing the family contract. During high school, our family met several times per week or as needed.

A written contract reduces misunderstanding and provides an objective reference when disagreements arise. Everyone must sign and date the document, confirming agreement and possibly increasing the teen's commitment. Instead of correcting a teen's behavior throughout the day, the family meeting creates a specific time.

The more detailed your dating contract is, the better.

But the main idea is that creating a dating contract gives you the opportunity to sit down with your teen and really talk about the dangers of dating violence, date rape, teen sex, STDs and much more.

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Dating – as parents we already know how complicated dating can be, especially knowing the pressures and temptations that go along with dating.

Using a parent contract is a great way to allow teens input on what is happening in their life without making them figure it out through trial and error. Show your teens know how much you love and care about them by providing them with the structure and discipline they need through these parent contracts, it will be the best you ever spend.

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Many, if not most parents, are concerned about your well-being and the choices that you make. Despite what you may believe or think, your parents are responsible for you until you are 18 years old or that which is stated in your state/provincial/national law for when you become an adult. If you felt you were unable to control your behavior, you must state who you would seek or ask to hold you accountable for your behavior while dating.

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