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Boston's Shane Larkin returned after missing the last 10 games with a knee ailment, going scoreless in five minutes. It's time to grab the skis or snowboard and hit the slopes, or do some cross country skiing, snowshoe trekking, or tubing.

(A beta version was available in March for users on waitlists.)With one million and a half users eagerly waiting in queue to train their AI “replica” (the app is literally called Replika), anybody can now download—for free—the closest thing humans have yet to a text-based, fully-obsessed-with-you, trainable chatbot lifeline.

Dr David Levy is speaking at the Third International Conress on Love and Sex with Robots on December 20, 2017.

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Dr Levy will say these advancements would not be possible without the biological breakthroughs of scientists throughout the past century.

Since the dawn of humanity, Dr Levy will say, sexual intercourse between a man and a woman was universally accepted as the only method by which a child could be conceived and born.

After nearly four years in development, the world’s first self-styled AI best-friend-for-life is available for download—to anybody.

(You can guide it, raise it, teach it and Replika will do things like send you songs you might dig, ask how you are doing, even gently nudge you into self-care in a way that seems oddly human, thanks to its superior neural-network processing.)This is no gimmick-bot.

But Gurdon proved that “every cell in the body still contained all that genetic information” – a major breakthrough that allowed him to “clone” a frog and subsequently a sheep, famously named Dolly.

Japanese researcher Shinya Yamanaka, co-winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize, made further advancements in stem cell research by reprogramming mature cells into immature cells.

In April 2016, Stanford University and the Valencia Infertility Institute announced a project in which human sperm, with tails, were created from skin cells.

In September 2016, researchers led by Tony Perry at the University of Bath reported that they had discovered a method of creating offspring without the need for a female egg.

This research allowed Dr Levy to conclude that a baby can be conceived without IVF treatment or sexual intercourse.

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