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JILL SOLOWAY HAS DONE HER HOMEWORK The beauty of the show TRANSPARENT, is that in telling the story of Mort who is Maura Pfefferman creator Jill Soloway has chosen to include sexuality as a theme, as equally important as gender. TRANSPARENT Is sex positive which means that the sexuality of the characters is, first of all, included and second, presented without judgment.

This is particularly important to me because over 20 years ago when I created Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls, the world’s first transgender academy, I included sex ed as part of our curriculum.

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Shemales transexuals dating meeting

Transparent makes us wonder if that is really enough.

To get TRANSPARENT on the air was a major accomplishment for all involved.

One of my favorite scenes in #8, the most revelatory episode in terms of all the characters, is the dance party at Camp Camellia, the joy expressed was truly transcendant.

Also at Camp Camellia, Connie, a crossdresser’s wife is presented as independent and strong.

Together they start a campaign to save a lost whale.

Along the way they survive the evil henchman of the dark overlord and in the end they begin new lives in a commune.Remembering that “a little child shall lead them, how lovely to hear Poppa Mort’s grandchildren easily adapt to calling Maura, “Moppa”, a word the will now enter the language.In later episodes, we are treated to gender and sex education, right along with our entertainment: Premarin pills and hormone injections, trans men, female ejaculation, erotic shaving and much more…It wasn’t so long ago that trans people were considered perverts and subject to arrest. But the people who arrive at my door wanting to find the woman inside have run the gamut of being total virgins to those who are very, very sexually active, and they confide their trans nature has definitely influenced their sexual identity and practice.So I was delighted when in the pilot episode Mort is described by his son as “a pussy hound.”” Oh, yes, I thought, we are going to go there.This went against the current thinking of the time, which was that trans people would be safer and more respected if sex were not part of the discussion.

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