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These smart women know that success isn’t about the money or the title. SWANS are women of all ethnicities and religions, from all types of socioeco­nomic backgrounds.SWANS hold their heads high when they walk into a crowded room and have ambitious dreams for their futures. Are you a strong, smart, single woman aspiring to great things?

And while SWANS are certainly strong and beautiful, they often get a little worried about what the future will hold—and feel themselves cracking a bit under pressure from well-meaning family and friends.

Early on in my research, I met Christina, a 29-year-old public relations specialist, who had just moved to the city.

Throughout my research, I’ve been privileged to meet hundreds of SWANS.

In New York, I met a young anesthesiologist who works out in a T-shirt that reads “Real Men Marry Doctors.” In Maryland, I met a painter who told me proudly about her first gallery opening.

SWANS—Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse—are smart, successful women who have high hopes for their future.

Some SWANS have graduate degrees or earn high salaries, while others are working in creative fields or public service.

Do you feel like you are constantly juggling your work life, your friends and your dating life?

Are you among the SWANS stands for Strong Women Achievers No Spouse. Revered for their composure and beauty, and sometimes feared for their strength, swans make a rather descriptive and colorful metaphoric parallel for the growing group of high-achieving single women in America today.

If a woman outearns her boyfriend or husband, she outmans him, and either he will feel so insecure that he withdraws from the relationship, or she will lose interest in such a girly man.

In addition, conventional wisdom subscribes to the notion that ambitious women aren’t motherly or nurturing: Success is a mascu­line characteristic.

Would she have time with the long hours of the new job to meet a guy? And when would her Mom stop asking whether she’d met anyone “special”? It may seem to outside observers that SWANS have it all going for them—she’s smart, she’s doing well in her career–except in their romantic lives.

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